Free Income Tax Filing Online and IRS e-File Services

Prepare and e-file your state and federal income taxes today. We provide free tax preparation software and electronic filing services with 24/7 help provided with online support. Income Tax deadlines are approaching soon. We offer a diverse array of preparation solutions.

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Don't wait, because now is the time to take advantage of our fast, low-cost tax preparation and filing services. Try our free software for preparing, printing, and e-filing of your federal IRS returns. E-file your form 1040 online and get tax refunds quickly. Options are also available for filing your business tax forms also.

We offer online federal and state tax return preparation, electronic filing, and fast refunds. Get 2-day tax refunds when you file your return.  E-file to get your refund in just a few days. See more details about our tax preparation software that includes free filing capabilities and a free estimator. 

Maximize deductions for mortgage interest, donations, education, and more. Try our services for free before you pay. We guarantee you won't get a bigger refund anywhere else or your money back. Updated with all the latest tax laws and live online help. Answer easy questions online.

We are very proud of the brand new design of our customer interface which makes the online tax preparation process even more intuitive than before. Tax forms don't have to be manually filled in and mailed at the post office. Our users also save time by not having to download or install any new software or apps.

Tax refunds can be obtained incredibly quickly when you e-file. Every free user receives an electronic receipt from the IRS, confirming the preparation and filing of your taxes online.

Much of your pertinent financial information, mortgage payments, salaries, stock trades, mutual funds and dividends can be downloaded for automatic entry into the online tax forms. If you stick with using e-filing services for your taxes the next time, then you won't need to enter the same old tax information that does not change. Our software application is very user friendly even for newbies. We welcome you to use TFO for filing your taxes online.

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